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FAQ – What Happens If I Move After I Register?

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There’s a good chance that your contact information may change, maybe even a few times, in between your initial registration and when it comes time for your family to call MEDCURE at the time your passing. Its always a good idea to keep us up-to-date on any changes to your mailing address, email address, or phone number, so that we can stay in communication with you about any updates to our program or other important news.
Updating the information in your registration can easily be done by completing our Change of Information Request form. This form can be printed from our website here, or you can call or email us to request a copy of the form be mailed to you. You can return the completed form by fax, email, or mail using the contact information provide on the bottom of the form.
If you’ve moved to a different state than the one you initially registered in, then you may be concerned as to whether or not MEDCURE can still assist you in this new state. MEDCURE currently accepts donors from every state within the US with the exception of Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, and North Dakota. So long as your new residence is within one of the other 45 states that MEDCURE serves, we should be able to assist you at the time of passing. If you are concerned whether your region is in MEDCURE’s service area, you can always call out 24 hour toll free number 866-560-2525 to ask one of our Donation Coordinators for verification.