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MedCure is a non-transplant tissue bank providing anatomical specimens to approved medical research and education providers.

Highest Quality Anatomical Specimens

When it comes to medical research and education, there really is no substitute for the knowledge gained by working with human tissue. MedCure provides the opportunity for medical professionals to experience this hands-on learning with the highest quality anatomical specimens. When obtaining cadavers for research and education, we adhere strongly to AATB Standards, the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), and all applicable state and federal regulations. We offer a wide variety of specimen types as well as unique, proprietary preparation and preservation methods.

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Cadaveric Specimens To Meet Your Needs

MedCure follows the highest specimen quality standards in the industry, ensuring legal and ethical best practices. We offer a wide variety of specimen types, as well as additional imaging and preparation service to ensure that the specimens meet your unique needs.

Specialized Specimen Preparation Services

PAT™ Surgical Simulation Service

PAT (Pulsatile Anatomical Trainer) m​odels enhance surgical research and training by facilitating lifelike vascular responses and conditions. Fresh tissue models are perfused with a pulsating blood simulant, mimicking circulatory system pressure and flow. Unlike most existing pulsatile simulations, PAT provides researchers and trainees the ability to practice on models that are both anatomical and physiological. Through the introduction of physiologically accurate vascular pressure and flow in the arterial and venous systems of cadaveric specimens, medical communities can engage in surgical simulations that best approximate procedures undertaken on live human conditions.

ChromaVasc™ Color-Injection Preparation Service

ChromaVasc is the laboratory service of injecting a non-prepared cadaveric specimen’s collapsed and deteriorated blood vessels with red and blue solution in such a way that the arteries and veins are easily identifiable and distinguishable for medical training and teaching purposes. The ChromaVasc procedure enables the testing of various medical devices and techniques and observing their effects on the arterial and venous systems of the human body using a cadaveric anatomical specimen as an application vehicle.