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Memorial Ideas For Donors

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Rose On Headstone
It can be difficult to mourn a loved one who donates to medical science after they have passed away. When someone donates their body after they have passed, the option of having a traditional funeral is typically out of the question. Many of our donor families choose instead to have a memorial gathering with family and friends after receiving their loved one’s cremated remains. In this post, we’re going to cover some options for cremated remains along with some ideas for hosting a memorial to honor and remember your loved one.
Memorials are all about celebrating the life of the deceased. You may also wish to share the small things they enjoyed. Having their hobbies on display is a great way to get some conversation going at the memorial. Whether their hobby involved creating art, playing an instrument, or collecting cards, sharing these hobbies can help the guests feel more connected to their loved one. Serving their favorite foods, or signature recipes is another great option to share some of the things they enjoyed in life. Music is another great way for us to feel connected to our loved ones, especially when we hear a certain song they particularly enjoyed. Playing the music they loved, or even composed, is another way to commemorate your loved ones and can be a lovely addition to any memorial service.  
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Funeral homes will usually have an option to help you plan and host this type of event, but you may, instead, choose to have this in the home of the deceased or at another location such as a church or restaurant. Once a location has been chosen, there are many routes you can take in remembering your loved one together. Memories and stories are typically shared verbally but having a book for people to write memories in may also bring you comfort in the coming years. Friends and family members who didn’t get a chance to say goodbye may find comfort in writing a letter to the deceased. In today’s technological age, it has become easier than ever to compile visual memories, such as photos and videos. Many families will create something like this to commemorate the life of their loved one and share it at the memorial gathering.  
Memorial Bench

Many people find it comforting to have a physical location to sit with the memories of their loved one. The most common is having a plaque or headstone installation at a cemetery or memorial site. Typically, a loved one’s name and dates of their life will be etched in the stone; often times an image, such as a portrait or favorite flower, can be etched in the stone as well. Lesser-known options, such as planting a memorial tree, can be a good option for those with loved ones who enjoyed nature. There are companies that will place your loved one’s ashes in a biodegradable urn to nurture the tree in the early stages of its growth. As the years pass, you can visit the site and watch the tree grow and bloom. Another less common option would be a bench with your loved one’s name on it; this is an especially great option if your loved one was involved in the community.  

Shell On Beach
While having a physical memorial to visit is beneficial for some, others may find that it isn’t quite the right option for them to remember their loved one. You may find that visiting a place your loved one frequented makes you feel closer to them and helps you reminisce on their life. This could be a beach, a favorite park, or even a favorite restaurant. When looking for a place to host a memorial, it may be beneficial to use one of these places to honor your loved one. Their favorite place, such as a beach, may also be a great resting place for their ashes as it is quite common to scatter a loved one’s ashes at sea. A far lesser-known option would be having your loved one’s ashes scattered in space, making the night sky a special reminder of your loved one regardless of where you are.  
Whether you remember, mourn, and celebrate the life of your loved one in private or among family and friends, the most important thing is that it brings you peace and comfort. Saying goodbye is never easy, but the memories we hold on to will last a lifetime however we embrace them.