Benefiting Medical Science

See how our donors are helping to shape the future of medicine with their generous gifts.

Contributing to Medical Research and Education

Our donors overwhelm us with their generous spirits. Individuals who choose to participate in whole body donation do so with the knowledge that the legacy they leave behind will contribute directly to the advancement of medical science, through participation in a wide variety of research and educational programs. But what exactly does that mean? How is medicine advancing? And how do MedCure donors continue to move medical science forward? Some of the answers might surprise you.

Making Doctors Better

Teaching anatomy using whole body donors prepares medical students, both emotionally and intellectually, to deal with the challenges they will face in their careers.

Burn surgeons rely on MedCure to learn how to recover skin grafts and how to place those grafts to treat serious, potentially disfiguring, wounds or burns.

MedCure donors have contributed to teaching paramedics vital, life-saving procedures like placing chest tubes in patients whose lungs have collapsed due to trauma.

Orthopedic surgeons rely on MedCure donors when learning how to correct debilitating knee and shoulder problems through arthroscopy, thus minimizing the risks of open surgeries.

MedCure donors have helped oncology surgeons learn techniques to make breast cancer patients look and feel more like themselves after mastectomy.

Making Medicine Better

Our donors helped researchers develop a guidance product used during spinal surgeries to help surgeons avoid damaging the spinal cord.

Researchers utilized MedCure donors to develop the technique for replacing a heart valve through the femoral artery rather than through more invasive surgical interventions.

MedCure donors were used in the redesign of surgical robots that help perform operations in colorectal patients.

Researchers are working with MedCure donors to develop new materials for use in surgical repairs of the knee. Right now, 90% of ACL repairs fail within 5 years, but with the help of our donors, this project hopes to keep more people on their feet for longer.

Making Lives Better

One group of researchers has been working with MedCure donors to develop a new drug delivery system for Type II diabetics. The device would make it possible for these patients to go up to six months without the need for pills or daily injections.

MedCure donors have been instrumental in the development and improvement of cochlear implants, which are small devices that can help those with profound hearing loss to actually hear clearly. These devices aren’t hearing aids, which only amplify sounds. Instead, they send signals directly to the auditory nerve, letting patients hear with their brains!

Some especially generous donors consent to our extended list of research possibilities, including forensic, military, and other projects. These donors have helped the military to develop a new kind of manikin that allows for more accurate and reliable testing of the safety of the vehicles that carry our servicemen and women on deployment.

MedCure was awarded the Student’s Choice Award for Spring 2019 from the Keiser University Forensic Investigation Program. This honor was given to us for the vital externship opportunities that we provide for the students in their forensics program.