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Whole Body Donor Day 2023

Circular floral wreath

Each year, Whole Body Donor Day serves as a poignant reminder of the incredible gift of body donation for scientific research and medical education. It’s a day to remember the lives of those who have selflessly chosen to donate their bodies, and to bring closure to the grieving families who must forgo a traditional burial to honor their loved ones’ wishes. 

The act of donating one’s body to science is a noble and altruistic decision. It allows medical researchers, students, and healthcare professionals to gain invaluable insights into the human body’s intricacies, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the field of medicine. Whole Body Donor Day stands as a day of gratitude and respect for these individuals and their families who have made this extraordinary choice.

On October 30th, we gathered on the banks of the scenic Columbia River to record a video tribute to these heroes. The bright noon sun lent an idyllic backdrop for a moment of silence, and a reading of “Crossing the Bar” by Lord Alfred Tennyson. We then floated a biodegradable wreath down the river. The unbroken circle of the wreath symbolizes the interconnectedness and continuity of life, and the recursive cycle of life and death

As the wreath gently glided along the river’s sparkling surface, it carried with it the gratitude and honor for these donors, embodying the spirit of perpetual learning and the ongoing quest for medical advancement. The symbolic gesture represented the flow of knowledge and understanding that emerges from these generous donations, benefiting countless lives.

The event was not just a gesture, but a moment for reflection and appreciation. It highlighted the significance of these donations in shaping the future of medicine and underscored the profound impact individuals can make long after they are gone. It also served as a reminder to society of the importance of supporting and encouraging such acts of generosity. 

Whole Body Donor Day isn’t merely a single day to acknowledge these incredible contributions; it’s a reminder that every day, the scientific and medical communities are indebted to those who have chosen to leave behind an enduring legacy through the selfless act of body donation. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge their immense contribution to the advancement of science and healthcare. Their legacy will forever be remembered and cherished.

In celebrating Whole Body Donor Day, we acknowledge the profound generosity and selflessness of body donors, honoring their lasting legacy that continues to shape the future of medicine. 

You can view the tribute video, and the beautiful stories our donor families shared about their loved ones here.