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Donor Story – Doris Poulakos


Doris Poulakos

Our mom, Doris Poulakos, passed away in August of 2017 at the age of 93. She loved anything purple, reading, sewing, playing board games, and listening to opera!

Doris had a great interest in shipwrecks and the Great Lakes, and loved the option MedCure offered for having her ashes scattered at sea after body donation in lieu of typical burial. Our mom was very interested in medical research, so being able to contribute to medical science and have her ashes scattered at sea was a perfect fit for her!

For us as her children, MedCure stepped in at a time when we needed them the most, made all the arrangements and handled every detail, leaving the family to just be together and relieving us of so much pain during a very difficult time. For that, we can never thank them enough. In fact my sister and I have also registered as donors and encourage others to do so as well. We intend to follow our mom’s example and help further medical science!

Story submitted by Pam Poulakos

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