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MedCure Wins Award from Keiser University Students

MedCure is honored to have received the Students’ Choice Award for Spring 2019 Advisory Board from Keiser University. The award comes in recognition of the opportunities MedCure provides for students in Keiser University’s Forensic Investigation Program. MedCure provides vital externship opportunities to students pursuing degrees in forensic science, opportunities that can be difficult to come by in a highly competitive environment.

Forensic Student Externships

Students of forensics must develop the analytical and practical skills to successfully collect, preserve, and analyze the physical evidence crucial to modern legal proceedings. Externship opportunities in the field can be limited, as law enforcement agencies must concentrate on executing their duties before educating future professionals. Time spent in MedCure’s labs can offer the chance to develop the same skills crucial to the investigation of crime in a clinical setting, and MedCure is able to accept more students that any other program with which the university has worked.

Those individuals who have participated in the opportunities MedCure has offered have come to regard their externship experiences as “first-rate.” In bestowing this award, Keiser has cited the “phenomenal knowledge and life skills [students received] during their time spent with MedCure, Inc.”

Building Critical Skills

Keiser’s program aims to provide both the critical thinking ability and the hands-on techniques of their students, as well as to position that education within a greater legal and ethical framework. In doing so, their goals mesh well with the philosophies of MedCure, so we are happy to have maintained a successful relationship with them for several years. We look forward to working together for a long time to come.