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What is Whole Body Donor Day?

Every year, an estimated 20,000 people in the US make the incredible choice to contribute to the advancement of medical science with the gift of body donation. Their donations allow medical researchers and educators to continue their vital work to improve the health and lives of others.

Whole-body donors contribute to the study of disease, development of new treatments and less invasive surgical techniques, and advanced physician training. Chances are, we will all need medical treatment at some point in our lives, so we are all touched by whole-body donation.

We are continuously overwhelmed by the incredible generosity and selflessness of our donors. So, we created Whole Body Donor Day as a time to honor all of those who have given this generous gift to the medical community and everyone who will benefit from the knowledge gained from their donation. Whole Body Donor Day will be observed annually on the last Tuesday in September.

2019 Whole Body Donor Day Activities

On September 24th, MedCure will send out a memorial wreath into the ocean to commemorate our donors. The wreath will float out into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon, where we perform our memorial scatterings at sea. Just like our scatter at sea urns, the wreath will be biodegradable so that our memorial service won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

We’ll also be posting throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter, sharing videos, pictures, and stories to remember and honor our donors. Be sure to follow us so that you can stay up-to-date on our posts.

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An estimated 20,000 people in the US donate their bodies each year.

Ways to Get Involved

National Whole Body Donor Day is a time for all who have been touched by body donation to participate. Whether someone you know was a donor, you’ve registered yourself to be a donor, or if you work in the medical industry and have benefited from someone else’s donation, this is a time for all to honor and show their appreciation for whole body donors. We welcome you to join us online on September 24th to share your story and help educate others on the significant impact body donation makes.

Submit a memorial for a loved one who donated to MedCure to share with friends and family

Create an Honor Fund in memory of your loved one to help support the medical research of your choosing

Share your story of why you’re a registered donor on social media using the hashtag #wholebodydonorday

Download one of our Whole Body Donor Day images to share on with friends and family on social media

On average, a whole body donor contributes to 5 medical research or training projects

Whole Body Donor Day Graphics

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