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Stephen Reuther

We found each other after 50 years apart. Steve Reuther was the 1st chair trumpet in the Tucker High School marching band. I was a 15-year-old pom pom girl. Too young to date. Huge crush on Steve. Our paths never crossed again until August 2022. I looked at our hospice admission list and saw his name. He knew 2 of my brothers from being in the band. Steve was living alone in an apartment and said he hadn’t kept in touch with his mother or sister. He was refused admission to hospice because he was smoking in his apartment and was using oxygen. I started cooking for him every night. Told him he had to quit smoking. And he did. Never looked back. Was admitted, asked me to marry him to finish up his life. Never smoked another cigarette. I brought him home to my house on September 9, 2022, and he passed away on November 27th, 2022. Despite following protocol given to me by Abode Healthcare in Seattle, I was terminated from my full-time job as their On Call nurse. I was given no reason, written or verbal. But it was God’s way of freeing me for time with Steve. He converted from being Zen Buddhist to Christianity a week before he passed, due to my good friend, Deborah Felmey. I handed him the phone and she said the Sinner’s Prayer with him. Now I know I will see him again. We had his Advance Directive done a few weeks after we were married. He had always wanted to donate his body to science. Thank you, MedCure. God bless.