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Rickey A Monteleone

Rickey Monteleone, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Rickey Monteleone, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Rickey A Monteleone was born on March 14, 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland. He died on Dec 15, 2019 at Huntsville Hospital. He was native of Huntsville, Alabama . He is preceded in death by his father and mother, Bruno and Betty Monteleone. He is survived by his wife of 26 1/2 years, Vonda Monteleone, daughter, Danielle Jerrold, son-in-law, Derrick Jerrolds, and son, Michael Monteleone. He has 5 grandchildren.

Rick served in the United States Army Special Forces. He trained as a explosive officer. He retired a Captain of 15 years in the Army.  He was a Fugitive Recovery Agent for 20 years.

In 2007 he suffered a heart attack and had to have a triple bypass. After the bypass surgery his health slowly started to decline. He suffered from diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and congestive heart failure.

He was a man full of life. He lived everyday like it was his last. He loved his family more than anything on this earth. He was a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. His hobbies where fishing, riding motorcycles,  building cars and racing them, and playing video games. His favorite video game was Call of Duty.  He loved building models. He had a strong personality. He was truly one of a kind.

Rick was a kind and generous person who loved helping people, and he loved animals, especially dogs. He was very passionate about helping the homeless Veterans. He wrote poetry , but only to me. When he would meet someone new, they had no idea he was as sick as he was, unless he told them. A quote from Rick  when he decided to donate his whole body. He said,  “If they can take this body with everything wrong with it and learn from it and help save people lives then that’s what I want to do.”

He was not a religious person, but he loved God and his country.  He was a person who put 100% in everything he did, and always went the extra mile. He was not afraid of anyone or anything, except for me and spiders. He was a person who spoke his mind.

His death has left a huge void in our lives. We just wanted everyone to know a little about Rick and his life. This world will never be the same without him . His ashes will be placed at his father grave in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

We would like to thank MedCure and their staff for helping us through sad time, and taking a huge emotional burden off of us by making the process easy.

In loving Memory of Rickey A. Monteleone, my true love and best friend. I will love you forever.