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Patricia Lee Fojaco

Pat “Meme” Fojaco passed away peacefully on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 in Tampa, FL at the age of 87.  Pat was born in Lensburg, IL to Leslie & Mary Norman.  She moved to FL with her family as a child.  She met her husband, Manuel Fojaco through her passion of bowling and married him on Oct 9, 1988.

She was a strong woman who loved sewing, penny ante poker, reading, gardening, dogs and her family.  She blessed us with many valuable lessons during her 87 years, among them:  “If you wear knee highs you will never catch a cold.” When opening presents, “Save the bows!” Say SEX instead of cheese because you ALWAYS smile when someone says SEX!” Her grandkids will remember her never-ending energy for games of hide-n-seek, where the hiding spots were always like magic, baseball in her front yard, picnics, fishing trips, showing them how to properly tie up those t-shirts on hot summer days and of course her Goldilock’s soup.

She leaves behind her husband Manuel Fojaco; daughter Lesley Drevas Kroenke; 3 granddaughters Stephaney Erdman, Stacey Lawson, Meachelle Kroenke; 3 great-grandchildren Taylor Erdman, Emerson Lawson, Hunter Lawson; and her dog Boots.  Heaven gained a very special Angel.  Her wings were ready, but our hearts were not.