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Lucia R Brock

Lucia Brock, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Lucia Brock, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Lucia was survived by her one and only son Kwame Dwayne Nicholas, her loving Mother Emma Lee Williams, her two sisters Jackie Brock and Creola Delisa Craig, and a set of twin brothers Darryl and Harold Brock.

She had a host of nieces and nephews that she adored: Travellis Brock, Rannisha Tanksley, Talithea Jowers, Justin Brock, Princetta Craig, LaDarious Blanks, Darrien Blanks Syida Dallas, and Josiah Williams, along with a host of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.
Her known names from the family was Ms. Dupree, Ms. Clara and Nacey. We as a family celebrate her life. She always had us laughing.

Most of all, she adored and loved her son, Kwame. May she rest in peace.  – Jackie Brock