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Linda Ann Turano

Linda Ann Turano, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Our mother chose to donate her body to scientific research. She had been very ill for a while and was put on hospice care. She asked hospice about options for donation. She was given a MedCure package. She read it thoroughly and was really interested in the program. However, her being a very strict Catholic, she was concerned about the cremation. She wasn’t sure about the Church’s stand on that. So after a day of trying to get a priest to call me back, we were assured that it was okay as long as the ashes were buried. So she decided to donate her whole body. She always said, “If I can help even one person then it was worth it.” You see, about 10 years ago, she took part in a research program for colon cancer and it saved her life. She had the highest praise for research programs. She said, “Without them, nothing will ever be cured.” Our family would like to thank MedCure for all their help and compassion during our very difficult time. We knew that time was of the essence for them, and their quick response and handling of all the details made it very simple for us. She was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. They even did a follow up call to see if we were okay. We received our mother back very quickly, with a card thanking us for helping them. They did everything as promised. We are very pleased with MedCure. We encourage others to consider this option. Without people willing to donate, science cannot progress. Maybe your life will be the one saved by research.