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Klaudia Miller

September 27, 2023

In loving memory of our cherished momma, a truly remarkable woman whose devotion, exceptional culinary skills, and unwavering dedication defined her essence. Even in the face of illness, she selflessly dedicated herself to her surviving daughter and two sons, offering boundless support, attentive listening, and invaluable guidance at any hour of the day or night. Our mom’s commitment to performing a daily good deed exemplifies her compassionate spirit, a legacy she lovingly passed on to us.  She took immense pride in our achievements, she celebrated each milestone with joy. For our momma’s final act of generosity, she gifted her body to science, a testament to a lifelong commitment to making a lasting impact on society. Though missed dearly, her love and teachings live on, forever etched in our hearts and we are so fortunate to know and have been loved by her. We love you momma!