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Kenneth Carr

Kenneth Carr, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Where do I start telling you about my hero, my best friend, a man with a heart of gold?

Kennie’s last wish was to donate his body to MedCure, so that in the future, others will live & have a great life. I met Kenneth on February 4, 1998. It was love at first sight. We traveled the US and Canada for 12 years on our Harley! A total of 384, 462.4 miles. Great times!

When Kenneth was diagnosed with brain cancer of February 28, 2012, I felt my world come to an end. He understood what was going on, from radiation to chemo. Every day he would smile and say “just another hill to climb”.

In the end, he smiled and said “It’s time to climb my last hill to Heaven.” On January 24, 2013, Kenneth found his way home. This is why Kenneth is my angel, my hero, the love of my life.

Thank you Kennie for the great life we shared together!

Love you forever,