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Gerald A Barbeau

Jerry, now with clarity you know how much you were loved and lovingly taken care of by your girls. I’m so glad you are finally at peace. I know there were lots of regrets and I had them too. But what we did right was our 2 girls. And because of them 5 grandchildren. Since you left Jade moved to Colorado, Sky to California and Tori went to Italy and Seth is now in Poland. Jacob has a girlfriend Julianna and staying with her. She has 2 beautiful children. Does that make us Great grandparents? As if that’s not news enough Jade is getting engaged and Seth too? And life goes on and on. We had lots of good times. I will cherish our vacations forever. You loved people and had a joke for anybody that would listen! Ha Ha.

Jerry, you loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. You made many people smile with your stories. Now on the other side with no time limit I’m sure you are relaxed. I’m sure you had quite a reunion. Before you know it, I will join you. So, you keep a close eye on your family. Watch over us on our earthly journey.

Forever united,

Love your wife