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Gary Plavan

Gary truly lived until the end. He was an avid bicyclist for many years. He started out on a mountain bike–a rugged sport. He fell many times, had several injuries, occasionally knocking himself out. I told him that if something bloody wasn’t evident, then I figured he didn’t have a good time.

As he got older, he switched to road bikes and joined the Siskiyou Velo bike group. He also no longer rode in under 50-degree weather. On those days he rode inside on a stationary bike.

On a beautiful sunny day in June of 2023, he took off for a short ride alone. Awhile later, I got a call from a policeman saying he’d fallen from his bike unconscious. CPR was done but he never woke up. It was truly the perfect way for him to exit this life. I miss you, Gary. So grateful we had over 65 years together.