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Edith M. Crislip

Edith M Crislip

Edith M. Crislip, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

Today October 20, 2022, I received the partial remains of my beloved wife Edi, for 26 years we were inseparable. When we were on our Honeymoon in Hawaii, I made a promise to her I would never remove the ring she placed on my finger. To this day that promise remains and when I graduate from this life and move on to the next is when that promise expires. It is with heavy heart that I write this as she was my inspiration. The memories I have of her will always be very special. To this day I have a special picture of her that I look at each day and say Good Morning Sweetheart I Love You and I do the same before going to bed. There is much I could say about her, but I will keep it in my heart. To all that have donated their bodies to research, I say thank you. To MedCure, I want to thank all for their kindness and support you have given me. Your compassion will always be a part of my life and I will not forget you. I really will be thinking about donating my body to science also. Remember that someday we will all meet again and what a glorious time that will be.