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Donna Walker

My mother was the kindest most caring soul I ever knew. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. The day she was diagnosed she went to sing in the choir at church and later told me that God had given her this disease in order for her to become a better nurse. My Mom was a nurse for 30+ years and was a hospice nurse for 6 of those years. She did take care of many patients that had the same diagnosis as her. She was always very positive and always kept a strong faith in the God. These are the two things that I believe made her a 4 year survivor. When the end was near, she had voiced the reminder to our family that she wanted to be an organ donor. Because she had received chemo & radiation in the weeks before this, she could not donate her organs. The social worker from hospice suggested MedCure to the family. We presented the idea to my mother and she was all for it! She performed her last private duty nursing position for MedCure in May 2013. She was a loving and caring nurse right until the end. I miss her everyday…but it has helped knowing that she went on to help others even in death.