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DeVillo H. Chamberlain

A memorial candle, representing those who have passed away and made the selfless gift of body donation.

My husband, D.H., was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 13 1/2 years before he passed.   He wanted to donate his body for research, but we waited too long to have him complete the paperwork.  MedCure was recommended in his last weeks by a Hospice social worker.  Under the stress of having my husband ‘actively dying’, I began the application process.  From the first phone call, throughout the submission process, at the time of death, and the communication with MedCure following, I was always in touch with a professional, uncommonly kind person.  I know D.H. would be singing the praises of the MedCure program; since he cannot, I want to do that for him.  I have only the highest  words of commendation for MedCure.  – Judy Chamberlain