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David John Sawicki

David was from a large family. He was one of nine children. David enjoyed and loved all his family. When everyone would come to Mom and Dad’s house everyone would be at the dinner table all talking, and laughing, and having a great time! David was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes when he was seven years old. He went totally blind in his twenties when he was in college due to diabetes. They took his eyes out and put a filler material in the space and an ocularist made him prosthetic eyes that covered the front of each eye. She made him the most beautiful blue eyes based on pictures of his dad and him. He would take them out and scare children and adults and would take them out and wash them and put them in a jar at night. David and I met in college. David always made me laugh. We met in a programming class, and he said he followed me around the room by smelling my perfume. We would have celebrated our thirtieth anniversary this year.

The special things: first is the funny side of David everyone knows and loves. He was good at making people laugh and the days were happier because he was around, David put his heart and soul into everything he did, and he made everyone feel safe and taken care of. David was dependable and I relied on him so much. He was always so patient with me and understood my quirkiness. I am blessed God put us together. David was an amazing husband. I love, cherish, and always will. People always say they admire David because he didn’t let anything stop him. He loved the Lord, he prayed for everyone, and loved the Psalms. He truly loved his family and believed in being a hard worker like his dad. David was friendly, and pleasant, and easy to talk to. David loved to help people. When David worked, especially on international wire transfers, people would ask for him. They thought he was bilingual because his computer talks so he would repeat the words how the computer said them. He enjoyed talking to the customers and helping them. David would cut the grass and unknowingly the neighbor’s grass, too. He would clean the gutters until we got leaf guard gutters. The neighbors would come and watch as I would try to spot him. His favorite football teams were the Dallas Cowboys and Ohio State. He enjoyed swimming and doing flips off the side of a pool.

Right before we were married David was put on dialysis for three months and was blessed with a kidney/pancreas transplant. It was a perfect match! He would have had it this October 2023 for thirty years. These last three years David was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma and the Lord healed him. Then he was diagnosed with tongue cancer, and they did surgery and cut out a good bit of his tongue. The Lord blessed and healed him, and he could still eat some but also had a feeding tube and he could still talk. He was a trooper and he tried so hard. Then David was diagnosed with jawbone cancer, and it was so aggressive. David was so happy to be a child of God and he was so happy when he was baptized. He always said his last breath here is his first breath there. After the cancer started, he said it would be a win if he stayed here, and a win if he went home to be with the Lord. The Lord decided he needed David in heaven to make people laugh there. He was ready- David knew he wanted to help with medical research to make a difference and help find a cure for diabetes and cancer.  I am so thankful for MedCure for being so kind through this process. Thank you.