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Clyda Jeannie Roden

Clyda Jeannie Roden, a MedCure Whole Body Donor

My sister always tried to help everyone out. She loved people older than herself and she would do anything for them. She loved children, and she had always been a giving and loving person. She felt if her body could help one person, it would all be worth it.


My dear, sweet Aunt Jeannie has always been a caring and giving type of person, throughout her life. So if she could do anything to make things better, she would. I could write a book about this amazing woman. She chose to donate her body to better humanity and to hopefully help find a cure for cancer. She had sparkling blue eyes that had such a healing ability about them and a warming smile that let you know that everything would be alright. She loved people, animals, and God, and I know she truly wanted and did make a huge difference in this world.