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Charles S Queen

My brother Charlie was incredibly talented in so many areas. It was as if he got all the talent and left the rest of us struggling to find ours. He was the daring one—riding motorcycles and doing tours with Evel Knievel around the world. He would have casts on all his broken bones and still get back on that motorcycle. Crazy, yes, but he was really talented! He was a natural artist, an excellent self-taught chef, and car repairs came to him easily. If he didn’t know how to do something, he would wing it. Sometimes it turned out great, and other times… well…

As a small child, he was the prettiest of us all. I was the oldest, and he was the second-born. Oh, the trouble he would get into. We were always in some sort of conflict. He had a very hard life; even as a child, he was bullied at school. I was built like Olive Oyl and would try to stand up for him to no avail. He ended up with a huge chip on his shoulder. He could be the meanest thing around until something happened to you. Then he would worry and try to help in any way to make you feel better. Under that hard-core exterior, he had a huge heart. He didn’t let it show often.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he donated his body. In doing so, he gave his last gift and inspired my mom and me to do the same thing. Life has been more peaceful since he left, and a little too quiet. He is missed and loved. Life was never dull when he was still here. We love and miss you, Charlie.

Charlie is on the right in this picture. Unfortunately, I don’t have any older pics on my laptop.