Updated January 13, 2020 at 11:25 AM

Inclement Weather Alert

MedCure’s Donation Coordination department is based  in our Portland, Oregon facility. Rarely, extreme weather conditions may impact the ability of our Donation Coordinators to travel safely to our offices, leaving us with staffing shortfalls. In the event of low staffing in our Donation Coordination department, call-back times may be longer than usual. Please note that due to the time sensitive nature of the donation process, calls informing us of a donor’s passing will be prioritized over all other inquiries. If you are calling in regards to a pre-registration or to register someone who is close to passing, we ask for your patience, as it may take our Coordinators longer than normal to be respond.

If you are looking to pre-register your intent to donate, you can complete our online registration form here. If you have non-urgent donation related questions or want to request one of our information packets be mailed to you, you can email us at info@medcure.org.