Medical Advancements
Through Whole Body Donation

MedCure connects people wanting to donate their bodies to science - whole body donors - with the physicians and anatomical researchers that are uncovering tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs.

Help Advance Medical Science

Whole body donation significantly impacts advancements in medical research, development, and education every day.

Donation is essential to the advancement of medicine, contributing to emergency medical personnel and advanced physician training, disease study, and the development of new medical devices and less invasive surgical treatments.

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What Does MedCure Do?

MedCure acts as a bridge between people wanting to donate their bodies to science and medical professionals who rely on them to help shape the future of medicine.

There really is no substitute for the human body when it comes to teaching and researching new procedures, treatments, and technologies. Together, our donors and medical professionals make lasting impacts on medicine's future.

About MedCure

Since 2005, MedCure has been dedicated to serving donors, caregivers, and the medical community by following all applicable industry regulations, treating donors compassionately, and connecting donors to the researchers and educators that depend on them to help improve the lives of others.

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