To Our Donors and Their Families:

It is very important to us that we meet your expectations and communicate clearly throughout the donation process. MedCure determines acceptance based ultimately on our researchers' needs. Therefore, MedCure cannot determine acceptance until the time of passing. Even donors who look like excellent candidates at the time of pre‐screening may not be eligible upon passing. Even after the point of acceptance, donors are occasionally declined. For this reason, we recommend that our donors and their families have a backup plan in mind.

If MedCure declines the donation due to circumstances related to the eligibility of the donor, legal documentation, or transportation arrangements, MedCure will be responsible for any costs incurred up to the point of decline and any further funerary expenses become the responsibility of the family. If the donor is determined to be ineligible following arrival at a MedCure facility, cremated remains will be returned to the family at no cost.

MedCure cannot guarantee participation in specific education and research fields as they may not be ongoing or have need at the time of donor passing. MedCure matches donors to researcher needs based on best fit given the information provided at screening and within medical records.

Additionally, MedCure is able to provide 1 copy of the death certificate at no cost to the family. A complimentary copy of the death certificate will be sent approximately 6 weeks from the date of passing. If a death certificate is required sooner than MedCure can provide one, or if additional copies of the death certificate are needed, MedCure advises you to contact the county vital records office to purchase those copies. If the family is receiving cremated remains, they will be returned in a structured, standard cremation container within an average of 6 to 12 weeks. We advise you and your family to plan accordingly.

MedCure is able to refer families to services that may be able to help them through this difficult time. A list of useful websites that specialize in services such as grief support, notary services and legal documentation assistance can be accessed on our website MedCure.org by clicking on the Resources link.

As part of our screening process, MedCure requires a verbal confirmation that the Donor or Next of Kin understands and accepts these Terms & Conditions. We also ask that these Terms and Conditions be shared with the donor's family and caregivers.

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