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Get Video Help with Filling Out Your MedCure Forms

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Woman Filling Out Donation Consent Forms
Making the decision to donate one’s body for the benefit of medical science can require a great deal of thought, reflection, and discussion with family and loved ones.  It is an act of profound generosity, and MedCure wants to ensure that it proceeds as smoothly as possible, both for the donor and for the donor’s loved ones.

The most complicated step in donation is often the completion of the paperwork that accompanies the process. In order to move forward with a donation, MedCure requires the completion of the Donor Consent Form. This form gives us permission to accept the donor, to perform the cremation and return the cremated remains to family or loved ones,.

In order to make completing the form as quick and as easy as possible, we have developed an instructional video on YouTube that will take donors and their loved ones step-by-step through the process of filling out and submitting the form.

Body Donation Consent Form Videos

All of our forms are available for download from our website. If you are unable to download and print the forms yourself, we are happy to mail hard copies at your request.

When to Fill Out The Form

We encourage all donors to complete and return the consent form to us as soon as you download or receive it in order to ensure that they remain valid when they reach us. As long as a form is valid when it is signed, it will remain valid forever; however, we are required to update the form periodically, and if we receive forms that were out of date prior to the date they were signed, we will not be able to accept them. If we receive outdated forms, we will have to ask that the current versions be filled out and sent to us to replace the old ones.

MedCure encourages donors to pre-register with us, and we will gladly accept completed donation forms from our pre-registrants. This can make the process easier for loved ones at the time of the donor’s passing, since they will not be required to complete the forms on the donor’s behalf if we already have valid versions on file. The grief of losing a loved one creates enough stress without adding the need to complete paperwork to the situation.

Of course, our Donation Coordinators can also answer any questions you might have while filling out the donation form. They are always available by calling our toll-free number, 1-866-560-2525. Now, though, you can use the helpful YouTube instructions to ensure that your forms will be accepted the first time you submit them.


If you are interested in learning more about whole body donation and the role that it plays in advancing medical science, you can visit us online at Or, you can call our 24/7 toll free number 866-560-2525 to speak with one of our knowledgeable Donation Coordinators.