Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: April 26, 2016

Terms and Conditions of Donation

As part of the donation screening process, MEDCURE requires a verbal confirmation that the Donor or Next of Kin understands and accepts the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions should also be shared with the donor’s family and caregivers.

Donor acceptance is ultimately determined at the time of passing

MEDCURE determines acceptance based ultimately on medical researchers’ and educators’ needs. Therefore, MEDCURE cannot guarantee acceptance until the time of passing. Even donors who seem like excellent candidates at the time of pre-screening may not be eligible upon death. For instance, a donor’s Body Mass Index (BMI) may change or they may not match current research needs. For this reason, MEDCURE recommends that donor families have a backup plan in place.

Furthermore, even after the point of acceptance, donors are occasionally declined. For example, inclement weather or unavoidable delays may prevent transportation, or the next of kin may become unreachable. If a donor is declined, any further funerary expenses become the responsibility of the family.

Cremated remains and a copy of the death certificate will be provided

Cremated remains will be returned if family opts to receive them. Remains will be returned in a standard cremation container within an average of four to six weeks; however, it may take as long as 12 weeks in some cases. MEDCURE also provides one copy of the death certificate within four to six weeks depending on county.

Availability of end-of-life resources

MEDCURE provides references to various services that may help individuals and their families manage through the difficult times often encountered at end-of-life. Clicking on Resources (available on MEDCURE.org at the bottom of every page) will provide a list of useful websites that specialize in services such as grief support, notary services, and legal documentation assistance.

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